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XIV. KSE International Beer Competition

23-24 March 2022
Budapest Hungexpo "A" Build


Dear Brewers, Colleagues and Friends,

for more than two decades, our association has been organizing its high prestigious beer competition in every two years. Based on the international feedback of the KSE’s beer competition and the offer of craft and home breweries we decided to organise the event on a yearly bases which has not been the case in the last two years due to the pandemic. This year, however, we will hold it again. The XIV. KSE International Beer Competition will take place at the Hungexpo within the framework of the Sirha Budapest Exhibition on March 23-24 2022. Thanks to the professional collaborations, in addition to the Hungarian breweries, beers will also arrive to the competition from the Carpathian Basin and from the “V4” countries.

The date of the competition is 23-24 March 2022.

The KSE International Beer Competition of 2022 is a unique initiative in Hungary to enable the general public to take an active part in such a professional program. At the Sirha Budapest Exhibition, visitors can taste the current offer of the Carpathian Basin's craft and home breweries at the KSE's booth. Further details are summarized at


Let us continue together this tradition by competing our products and by presenting them for tasting to each other and to the public.

We are looking forward to your participation, so please feel free to submit your application by filling the form at the Competition section.


Yours sincerely,  

Zsolt Gyenge

Association of Hungrian Craft Breweries




Our Association announces the International Beer Competition of KSE

XIV. International Beer Competition

Venue:       Hungexpo "A" Build, Budapest

Date:         23-24 March 2022

Registration categories: according to the attached BJCP 2015 categories (1-34)

Registration types: constant or single brew

Registration : online 

(In case of any questions, please write an e-mail to

Registration deadline:     10 March 2022

Registration fee:

20 EUR (per beer for home brewers)

40 EUR (per beer for craft breweries)

Payment deadline:              17 March 2022 – after receiving our invoice

Submission of beers:           until 17th March 2022

Way to submit the beers: personally, by post, by courier service

address: Kisüzemi Sörfőzdék Egyesülete, H-2151 Fót, Fáy sétány 34.

quantity: in bottles (8 x 0.5 l) or min 4 liters per entry

Submission conditions: Identification labels (generated from the application system) must be sticked on the bottles correctly with a rubber band. The packages should be wraped against fracture and the bottles must be well separated from each other.

Date of the competition:         23-24. March 2022

Prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze diplomes will be issued in both types based on the scores fixed in the rules of the beer competition. The 3 top ranking beers will receive a Diamond diploma.

Announcement of results:       24th of March 2022





International breweries


Category of beers


Beer entries


Location of the event

Hungexpo "A" Build 

Budapest, Albertirsai út 10, 1101.


Questions, interests:

In case of any questions, please send an email to 

Beer Samples
Kisüzemi Sörfőzdék Egyesülete
(Association of Hungarian Craft Breweries)

H-2151 Fót, Fáy sétány 6419/1 hrsz.
Tel.: +36 30 944 3421

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